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          2. Custom Graduation Stoles

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            Custom Graduation Stoles

            You design it and we can make it! Almost every graduation includes the essentials such as the cap, gown, stoles, tassels and others. All of these pieces symbolize an important value in the ceremony. Understanding the value of each can give a graduate much more pride for the success and educational achievement one has earned. Educational achievement is honored during the ceremony. Members of prestigious fraternity and sorority also wear this distinction by showing off their Greek letters representing their brotherhood or sisterhood. In some cases you will see personalized stoles that identify certain cultures. When these students came to study in a foreign land, they brought along with them their cultural pride and customs. On their graduation day, they carry the same pride and customs and bring home with them a better opportunity to share with their folks back home. The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing stoles for your unique organization, fraternity, sorority, honor society, homecoming student clubs, business award ceremonies, and all the way to clergy and religious organizations. We are confident you can create the perfect stole with all of our selections and the ability to upload your own image.

            All of our stoles are made of high quality bridal satin and fully lined throughout the stole. We offer silk screening and embroidery. There are three options for stole style: square, pointed, and tip being the most popular. It is important to know your thread color and style of font when it comes to creating your custom stoles. Combining top quality, style and craftsmanship with unbelievably low prices, Gradshop's graduation stoles are certain to be your top choice. For all your stole needs, there's absolutely nowhere else you need to go, but here at Gradshop.com. Let us help you add that extra special touch to your ceremony or commencement with our extensive line of stoles, accessories and gifts. Get in touch with us right now!

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